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Buckets of Fun
Season 1, Episode 7
Challenge(s) Filling a container up with water
Eliminated Candy
Episode guide
"Lost and Found"
"Rostrum Rampage"

Episode 7 is a future episode of Object Overload. A Flash preview was unveiled on June 14, 2014. It may come out on July or August but the exact date is unknown, which then was later revealed that the show was rebooted, so the episode never came out.


Candy has been poisoned by a snake and has turned green. Snowglobe and Popcorn are walking together and find Candy, very sick because the snake's bite got very infected. They walk away and Candy passes out. Nothing else is known, except the challenge and elimination.


She was eliminated for getting snake venom on Globe. Also, she got the records of 1045 votes out of every eliminated contestant.


  • This episode is confirmed to be 12 minutes long, with the first half of the episode done, but the episode never came out due to the show being rebooted.
  • The details of the episode were shown by XanyLeaves' DA Account.
  • It was revealed that T69SAnimations rebooted the episode and turned it into a spoiler video after Xany Leaves emailed him the script.
  • Candy will be eliminated with 1045 votes, the most out of every other eliminated contestant.
  • If Melony did not die in this episode may be the second time that Melony dies not in the second A Shocking Addition.
  • XanyLeaves posted a video on his channel called "Watching Object Overload Episode 7" and it showed how far he did on the episode.

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