Scene Opens to Candy who looks sick.

Candy: Hello? Guys? *Cough* Cough* Gross.

Scene Cuts to Popcorn and Snowglobe talking to each other, walking towards Candy.

Popcorn: But Then We Had This Cute New-

Is Interrupted by Snowglobe.


Candy: Uh, like, I Got Bitten by This STUPID Snake, and Now the Infection Gotten Pretty Bad.


Popcorn Walks Over to Candy.

Candy: Oh My Gosh, Does It Make Me Ugly? I Don't Wanna be Ugly.

Popcorn: You- You Should Get That Fixed. I-I Think Kite Knows a Pretty Good Doctor.

Candy: Thanks for Your Consideration, But I'll be Fine. *Cough*

Snowglobe: If you Say So. Anyways, We'll be Off Now.

Popcorn and Snowglobe Walk Away.

Candy is Waving.

Popcorn: Just- Just be Sure to Tell us, If You Need Anything.

Candy Faints.

Scene Cuts to Dusty.

Dusty: Do do do do, do do do do do, dooo!

Melony: Oh hi There Dusty, What are You Doing?

Dusty: Oh hi, Haha, Casey's Really Got Me Into Watching Clouds.

Melony: Do You Mind, If I Join You?

Dusty Spins.

Dusty: Not at All.

Melony: Thanks! So Uhh, How are You?

Dusty: Oh Uh I'm Okay. I Kinda haven't Done Anything for My Team Lately.

Melony: Nonsense! Every Player Helps.

Dusty: Wow, Thanks! Sometimes I feel like Nobody likes Me. And I'm Always Super Nervous About the Eliminations.

Melony: Trust Me, You are One of the Last People for the Others to Vote Off.

Melony Walks Away and Is Smashed by a Tree.

Cut to Locky and Television. Television looks Displeased.

Locky: So Yea Who'd You Vote for? Oh no Wait, Don't Tell Me. You Voted for Toaster Riiight?

Television: He's on the Other Team Brainiac.

Locky: OMG, You like, Think I'm Smart? That's So Nice of You!

Television looks Confused

Television: Wait What?

Locky: You are the Best Friend EVER!

Television: LOOK! Just Because We're on the Same Team and Because We're Both Newbies Doesn't Mean We're Friends! WHY DO YOU EVEN HANG OUT WITH ME?!

Locky: Oh, I'm Sorry TV.

Television: Don't Call Me TV.

Locky: Oh! It's Fine So Hey Wanna be Friends? OMG, Let's like Go Trick People.

Television: What? What Do You Mean?

Locky: Follow Me!

Locky Walks Away, Television looks Confused.

Television: Meh.

Television Follows Locky.

Television is Thrown Behind a Bush by Locky.

Television: Hey What's the Big Idea-

Television is Interrupted by Locky.

Locky: Sshhh...

Locky Peeks Her Head Out from the Bush.

Locky: Check Those Two Out.

Cherry #1: I Despise You!

Cherry #2: I Really Despise You!

Cherry #1: How Dare You.

Television: That's Hilarious.

Locky: Ok Now You *Whispers*

Television: Hahahaha, Got It.

Cherry #2 Is slapping Cherry #1.

Television: Let's Stop Slapping, and Let's be Best Friends!

Cherry #1: Huh?

Cherry #2: What?

Television: You Heard Me, We Should be Best Friends Forever!

Cherry #1: Are You Stupid or Something? Oh Wait, I Already Know the Answer to That One.

Television: What a Lovely Thing to Say.

Cherry #1: Okay, Now Your Creeping Me Out.

Cherry #2: That's Not Me!

Cherry #1: *Crying* I'm So Confused.

Locky and Television Laugh.

Locky: Let's Go Trick Some More People!

Gamey Pops Up from the Bush, Television Screams.

Gamey: Not So Fast Locky.

Television Runs Away Still Screaming.

Locky: Like, Seriously, Did You like, Teleport or Something?

Gamey: Yes, Yes I Can But Who Cares Let's Get to the Elimination Yaay!

Cut to Elimination Area.

Gamey: Wow You Guys are like Locals Now Aren't You?

Television: Yep.

Gamey: Sooo, the Prizes are Discount Cards!


Gamey: They Give You One Free Elimination.

Cherry #2: Wait, These Things Cost Money?!

Gamey: Yep! Each Elimination We Drain Five Dollars from Your Bank Account.

Globe: Wait, I Have a Bank Account?

Gamey: Anywho Let's Get to the Elimination! Popcorn, Casey, Melony, and Picture You Guys are All Safe.

Casey: Wheew.

Popcorn: Yay!

Gamey: Clock Your Safe Along With Dusty, Cherry, and Locky. TV, Snowglobe Your Safe too.

Television: Really? Do I Really Have to Say Again?

Gamey: Candy, Globe One of You Will be Going Home, and That Person is...

Camera Zooms in on Candy and Globe.

Gamey: CANDY!

Candy and Globe Cry.

Candy is Sent to the Prison Planet, She's Screaming.

Crayon: OMG, like That Stupid Jerk, I Can't Believe She Eliminated Me!

Top Hat: And I Thought You We're Over This.

The Rest of the Episode was Left Unfinished.