The Cherries
Cherry FR2
Name The Cherries
Gender Female (Left Armless)

Male (Right Legless)

Team Team Time
Episode Eliminated Original - N/A

Reloaded - TBA

Friends Everyone (Left Cherry)

Lighter, Crayon (Right Cherry)

Rivals R-Cherry, Lighter, Crayon (Left Cherry)

L-Cherry, Everyone (Right Cherry)

Occupation Contestants
Rank TBA
Color Red, Green Stem
Introduced in The End of the Beginning
Voiced by (Female) Kacie Chapman

(Male) Niall Burns

The Cherries, (just referred to as Cherry) are  contestants on Object Overload.

The left side of Cherry, is female, and suffers from a lack of arms. And the right is a male, and suffers from a lack of legs. With one being nice and the other being mean, the Cherries could argue all day on who hates who more.


  • They have a similar personality to Yin-Yang from Inanimate Insanity


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