Clock is a male contestant in Object Overload, he's not a very exciting contestant, you'd usually find him in a grumpy mood. He doesn't seem to have any best friends, apart from Boombox, who Clock still doesn't appear to like. He is also very intelligent.


He is sometimes agressive. An example is in Lost and Found, when Clock's team lost again, he screamed in anger, then he was sad since he was an outcast and made Casey depressed/sad.


  • He is the team leader of Team Time.
  • His team has lost more challenges than the opposing team, Team Tune.
  • He has severe anger issues, most likely due to the fact that his team has lost around 5 times.
  • He has built the recovery centers in both Object Overload and the Object Overload Reloaded, both seen in episode 1 in both the Reboot and the original.
  • He has a plane, as seen in both the Object Overload Reloaded intro and tribute video.