Crayon is a female contestant on Object Overload. She was eliminated in 28th place along with Tissue, who placed 27th. However, she returned for the reboot and was able to rejoin the game.


Crayon is a stuck up blonde who doesn't care about anything but herself. She makes sure she looks beautiful, and that everyone around her knows the local gossip. She doesn't do much in challenges and sometimes makes Melony do the work, and like Golf Ball from BFDI, she is also bossy to some people. She usually executes them when they are not following her. Crayon wants her way, but doesn't always get it and is seen to have a soft, frailer side when bullied by Lighter.

The End of the Beginning

She can be seen talking to a clearly bored Dusty. In which Lighter kills by throwing Tissue at him who is on fire. Later, when she finishes her sentence "Yeah, yeah, that's was they all say!", she gets hit by a dodgeball and is out of the challange.


  • Crayon's scream is Cinder Block's scream (XanyLeaves's character from BFDAI).
  • Crayon is the meanest female contestant like Flower from BFDI.
  • Crayon is the lowest ranking female in the original series.
  • She was one of the Recommended Characters of BFDI.
  • She is probably enemies with Lighter, even though they are both Villains.
  • Crayon is a very mean person, but in Object Overload Reloaded, she started to get a little nicer.
  • She could also be a psycho, shown in Branching Out when she killed Television.
  • In Object Land, there is another contestant named Crayon. However, the Crayon from Object Land is voiceless and the one from Object Overload does have a voice.
  • If you hear Crayon sounds like Match.


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