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Disc New Idle
Name Disc
Gender Male
Team Team Tune
Episode Eliminated In Deeper Waters Show got rebooted character got cut
Friends Ping-Pong Ball, Pearly,
Rivals Tissue, Boombox, Clock, Crayon, Casey
Occupation Contestants
Rank 29th (Original)
Color Gray
Introduced in The End of the Beginning
Latest appearance Lost and Found
Voiced by Eddie Kingston

Disc is a male contestant on Object Overload, he doesn't care much for anybody or anything, he just gets along with life in the easiest ways possible. However, he does care for his best friend Ping-Pong Ball. Who he'd happily play with all day.


In The End of the Beginning, Disc is seen kicking Ping-Pong Ball against a wall, he is set a lit by Tissue's burning body flying towards him. He, along with Tissue is sent off of the cliff. Disc isn't seen for the rest of the episode.

In A Shocking Addition,  He had to guide Ping-Pong Ball through an electric maze, as which he was teamed up with besides being best friends.

In Set in Stone

In Branching Out, he got fired by cannon and gets crashed. 

In In Deeper Waters, He is eliminated.



  • Whenever Disc screams, the scream is at least similar to that of Blocky's from BFDI Episode 4.
  • Eddie K. reprises his role as Disc in Object Crossovers.
  • For the first two episodes of Object Overload, Disc did not have a speaking role. This is proabablt due to his voice actor is not active or wasn't hired yet by Niall.
  • In the Object Overload Reboot, he got cut.
    • Making him the only eliminated contestant to be cut.

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