Episode 8 is a future episode of Object Overload that hasn't been released yet. But the title is likely The Tower of Marsh and Apple.

Cold Open

Team Time found out they had a traitor, in which they didn't know who it was. Team Tune predicted who would be eliminated. Many say Cherry, but Soccer Ball says Snowglobe. Soon, Gamey interrupts Television and says its time for Elimination.


Gamey says that Team Time is up for elimination. Cherry 2 says that their team sucks. Gamey announces that Television and Locky are safe. They both are happy and Locky says whats the prize. Gamey says that is pie. Locky says she loves pie and Gamey gives Locky a piece.

Gamey also announces that Clock, Casey, Globe, Dusty, Picture and Popcorn are safe. Which means that Cherry, Melony, and Snowglobe are at the bottom three. Gamey happily announces that Melony is safe. That meant that Snowglobe and Cherry are at risk of being eliminated. Gamey announces that Snowglobe is safe while Cherry is eliminated. They both argue an get sent to the noob moon.


Gamey announces that the next challenge (Which Fly Swat said it was) is to find a golden apple. Gamey also says that all team members must be present if they can get the golden apple. Then Gamey introduces three Inanimate Insanity II Characters in the name of Cheesy, Apple, and Marshmallow. Gamey says the tower is run by Apple and Marshmallow. Cheesy knee slaps when Gamey says the pole is made of candy (No relation there). Then Cheesy makes a joke about a golden apple and everybody (including Apple laughs). Gamey waves goodbye to the three.

Gamey says that Ping Pong Ball since he is limbless, PPB can't participate in the challenge. Masky says that since PPB is gone, it is harder.

Gamey says the challenge has started and gives PPB a camera to see his teammates. Clock says that his team needs to win to not get eliminated. Dusty helps too. Team Tune thinks the challenge is easy and gets to the arcade first. Marble decides to play Pacman instead of help. Kite grabs Marble because Marble isn't helping. Coincidentally, Clock plays a video game. Unlike Marble, Clock plays Donkey Kong. Globe then says that Picture should stomp on the machine. Picture does that and the game dies. Team Tune says to get a backpack to carry the armless contestants to the top.

Meanwhile, PPB and Gamey are still at the bottom. PPB says to Gamey that he wants to go in the tower, but Gamey says no twice. PPB accepts it and stays at the bottom.

Team Tune reaches the 4-way corner. Boombox goes left thanks to Boxing Glove seeing the sign. Marble complains that its dark. Which nobody cares about that.

Meanwhile, Team Time reaches the pole, they see that Marshmallow and Apple are not there. Gamey says that The two of them hid the apple. And so Picture destroys the pole by kicking it.

Marble continues his complaining that he needs to get out. He says that his team is mean (with the exception of Pearly and PPB). Team Time sees that Team Tune is at the top. Meaning that Team Time is U.F.E again. However, Fly Swat saw that Marble was missing. So Kite ran to find him. Unfortunately, Globe finds the golden apple and Team Time is safe.

Gamey and PPB congratulate Team Time by winning. Gamey then gives Globe an immunity ticket by finding the golden apple. Gamey says that there is a rejoin involving Cherry, Candy, Crayon, Disc, Top Hat, Lighter, and Tissue. Team Time will get one of them. Gamey says that they will be competing for a spot.

In the end, Candy (who is still sick), saw a cannon. Top Hat is doomed because he has bad memories about it. The seven get in an they fly into space to the Earth.