Lighter labeled as The Blazing Killer is a male contestant on Object Overload. Lighter is one of the meanest contestants on Object Overload. Lighter always likes to kill his teammates (mostly Tissue) in challenges before becoming the first eliminated in Set in Stone.

In Episode 4, Branching Out, it's seen that when Top Hat gets eliminated and blasted to Prison Planet, Lighter goes insane and builds dirt models of Clock, Melony, Tissue, and Gamey.

In Episode 6, Lost and Found, it is revealed that Lighter and Tissue used to be friends. However, Lighter burned Tissue, and crumpled him up, resulting in his current look.

In Object Overload Reloaded, Lighter has the same personality again, being mean and aggressive to others.

In Episode 1 Rostrum Rampage, in the dodgebrawl challenge Lighter does okay, but was shattered by Picture.


He first appears when Tissues bumps into him, and Lighter becomes really angry at this, burns him, then leads up to Dusty and Tissue dying. He later gets out very quickly being kicked by Tissue.

In the next episode, he was one of the five people (The others being Dusty, Melony, Tissue, and Top Hat) to be chosen, he was chosen on Clock's team, he then groups up with Tissue during the challenge, he was the guarder

In Episode 3, he and Top Hat were in the bottom two, and he was eliminated. Kite called him a jerk.

He was not seen, heard or even mentioned in Episode 5 only appearing in the intro, however Tissue was reminded about how he and him were best friends before.


  • XanyLeaves said that voicing Lighter hurts his throat, and that he was his least favorite character.
  • He is seen killing Tissue a lot, resulting in him being a psycho.
  • There is another Lighter in Object Havoc, who shares the similar personality, mean and aggressive and mad at everyone.
  • However, they have different body/asset shapes, O.H Lighter is a Bic Lighter while O.O Lighter is a Zippo Lighter.
  • In Object Overload Reloaded, Pumpkin accidentally pushed him to the mud, and he threw Pumpkin to the tree and Tissue really didn't care because Boxing Glove stood next to the tree.
  • He appears to be angry all the time.
  • He shattered when Picture kicked him in OOR during the challenge.
  • Lighter is the only contestant that can open fire.
  • Lighter got an open new redesign.
  • XanyLeaves used someone's fire animation and never got the person's permission but he apologized and said he would never use it again.
  • He may be the first off in Object Overload Reloaded.