The Episode begins with Kite hanging from a tree.

Kite: Toaster, where are you?

Tiki: Hello!

Kite screams.

Tiki: Hi I'm Tiki.

Kite screams again.

Tiki: I'm you're BIGGEST fan.

Kite screams again. The rope breaks and Kite falls to the ground.

Kite wakes up.

Tiki: Heelloo.

Kite: Ugh, What happened?

Tiki: You got caught in one of our traps, you woke up and started screaming like a maniac! Then the trap broke, and you passed out.

Kite: *Cough* Oh umm... *Cough* So uhh who are you?

Tiki Well like I said, I'm Tiki!