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Melony's New Pose
Name Melony
Gender Female
Friends Pearly, Locky, Dusty, Popcorn, Casey
Rivals Crayon, Lighter
Occupation Contestant
Rank TBA
Color Green, Red, Pink and Brown
Voiced by Kacie Chapman

Melony is a female contestant in Object Overload and a returning contestant in Object Overload Reboot.


She is normally shy, very uncomfortable with her life, and gets bullied by her "best friend" Pearly & "best rival" Crayon. She is also the second easiest contestant to kill, with the first being Dusty. (However, she's died more times than Dusty has.)


  • Melony is the only contestant (and object) to have a blood like substance. (She has juice.)
    • In Set in Stone, it was revealed that Melony's blood is pink. However, this could be wrong.

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