Melony's New Pose
Name Melony
Gender Female
Friends Pearly, Locky, Dusty
Rivals Crayon, Lighter
Occupation Contestant
Rank TBA
Color Green, Red, Pink and Brown
Voiced by Kacie Chapman

Melony is a female contestant in Object Overload and a returning contestant in Object Overload Reboot.


She is normally shy, very uncomfortable with her life, and gets bullied by her "best friend" Pearly & "best rival" Crayon. She is also the second easiest contestant to kill, with the first being Dusty. (However, she's died more times than Dusty has.)



  • Melony is the only contestant (and object) to have a blood like substance. (She has juice.)
    • In Set in Stone, it was revealed that Melony's blood is pink. However, this could be wrong.

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