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Pumpkin by xanyleaves-d8550wv
Name Pumpkin
Gender Male
Team TBA
Episode Eliminated TBA
Friends Everyone
Rivals Lighter, Toothy, Coney, Paper Airplane, Fly Swat
Rank TBA
Color Orange, Green, Black
Introduced in Rostrum Rampage
Latest appearance Rostrum Rampage
Voiced by XanyLeaves

Pumpkin is a contestant in Object Overload Reboot.


Pumpkin considers himself the lord of darkness and fear, he wants everyone to bow down to him and appreciate him for the pure evil he thinks he is, although due to his appearance, it is hard for people to take him seriously, or find him threatening at all.


  • He is the only newbie in Object Overload Reboot.
  • He is the only contestant who has a different face (eyes and mouth) assets.
  • He was the first one to die in the reboot (Pumpkin was killed by Lighter). But in the challenge, he also died when one of Gamey's dodgeballs from his machine and threw his eye, and he lost the challenge.
  • Alot of the contestants laugh at him, but he is evil and rude to others, so nobody really likes him.


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