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The End of the Beginning
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Season 1, Episode 1
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The End of the Beginning is the series premiere of Object Overload.


The episode starts with Candy informing Globe her stripes are 3% darker, and then Candy gets angry at Globe for not noticing the difference and calls him a numbskull. Candy then asks Kite if she notices, until Kite replies that Toaster is broken. Toaster pops out toast, and then violence begins. Tissue gets bumped by Kite and bumps on Lighter, who gets angry at him. Tissue tries to run away, but he gets grabbed, burned and thrown by Lighter. While Crayon is talking to Dusty, the burned Tissue pops Him, and Crayon complains. While Disc is playing with Ping-Pong Ball, he gets pushed and rolled by Tissue, and they fell off the Cliff. PPB then also falls off the Cliff, by himself. The violence finally ends after the two Cherries punch and kick each other. Ping-Pong Ball comes up to Picture, and starts to speak to her. Then Cherry informs Ping-Pong Ball that Picture is unable to talk. After Clock and Boombox finish building recovery centers, Tissue gets recovered, and then the host arrives. He claims the challenge is climbing ladders and avoiding dodgeballs. Clock and Boombox end up winning the contest and get to pick the teams in the next episode.


Object Overload Episode 1 - The End of the Beginning-107:04

Object Overload Episode 1 - The End of the Beginning-1




  • This is the very first episode of Object Overload.
  • The sound quality in this episode is lower than usual, but it gets better starting from the next episode.
  • This is possibly the only episode in which Toaster actually pops out toast.

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