Toaster FR
Name Toaster
Gender Male
Team Team Tune
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Kite, Marble, Pearly, Fly Swat, Soccer Ball, Masky, Boombox
Enemies Lighter, Clock, Snowglobe, Boxing Glove (possibly)
Rank TBA
Color Gray
Introduced in The End of the Beginning
Latest appearance The Nutshack
Voiced by Asaph Ellison
Toaster is a male contestant in Object Overload, some would call him OO's mascot, he is always in a crazy mood, spouting random words and pulling funny faces is what you'd see him doing normally. He has the ability to shoot out toast on command. Toaster is probably best friends with Kite.

The End of the Beginning

Toaster did not do much in the episode, expect for shooting toast into Kite's eye because he was broken.


  • Toaster is similar to Rocky from Battle For Dream island in many ways :
    • They are armless
    • They are males
    • They hardly speak
    • They barf(Throw out for Toasters case)
  • In In Deeper Waters, Toaster wanted Kite to be eliminated, though this may be sarcasm.