aka GA92

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on May 6
  • My occupation is working on wikia
  • I am Male
  • GameAvenger92

    i'm back

    May 7, 2017 by GameAvenger92

    Hey guys, i've came back sense i haven't been on OO wiki for a month.

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  • GameAvenger92

    I'm Back on OO Wiki

    October 29, 2016 by GameAvenger92

    Hello guys Object Overload Wiki is to back normal and also i'm back on Object Overload Wiki.

    The good news is a user named Undhee who changed from The Nutshack Wiki to Object Overload Wiki back so first he got the characters pages back, second he got the charaters bodies pages back and last he got the home page so don't have to leave OO Wiki for good

    So later guys!

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  • GameAvenger92

    Hey Guys GameAvenger92 and i've got bad news that Object Overload Wiki pages are changing. It's was a user named Enzosmile who changed the characters pages and home page to The Nutshack.

    Here Some Things 

    1. Characters Pages got changed

    On October 24 2016 at 21:30 Enzosmile changed the page from Boxing Glove To Phil and i tried to get Boxing Glove Page back to normal but it won't work next at 21:31 Enzosmile added Phil page on to categories than at 22:01 Enzosmile changed the page from Lighter to Horat next at 22:06 Enzosmile changed the page from Crayon to Tito Dick than at 22:10 Enzosmile changed the page from Pearly to Cherry Pie and last one at 22:12 Enzosmile changed the page from Tissue to Chita. Note: I don't know about The Nutshack bu…

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