Hey Guys GameAvenger92 and i've got bad news that Object Overload Wiki pages are changing. It's was a user named Enzosmile who changed the characters pages and home page to The Nutshack.

Here Some Things 

1. Characters Pages got changed

On October 24 2016 at 21:30 Enzosmile changed the page from Boxing Glove To Phil and i tried to get Boxing Glove Page back to normal but it won't work next at 21:31 Enzosmile added Phil page on to categories than at 22:01 Enzosmile changed the page from Lighter to Horat next at 22:06 Enzosmile changed the page from Crayon to Tito Dick than at 22:10 Enzosmile changed the page from Pearly to Cherry Pie and last one at 22:12 Enzosmile changed the page from Tissue to Chita. Note: I don't know about The Nutshack but i did seen it a little bit.

2. Object Overload Wiki home page got changed

On October 24 2016 at 21:38 Enzosmile changed the Object Overload home page to The Nutshack home page.

3. Pictures uploaded on Object Overload Wiki

On October 24 2016 at 21:39 and 21:51 Enzosmile uploaded the characters pictures of The Nutshack and added on the pages.

4. Characters Bodies got changed

On October 24 2016 at 22:00 Enzosmile changed the characters bodies to Jack.

5. Videos been added

On October 24 2016 at 21:53 Enzosmile added the video Nutshack 2nd Season Promo on Object Overload Wiki, writes the description said Nutshack 2nd Season Promo. Aug. 6th on Myx. Channel 479 (Orange County Area) & directv 24/7 on DirecTV Channel 2067. and added it on the Videos but The Nutshack has ended up On May 31 2011.

6. Object Overload show page got changed

On Last Month September 9 2016 instead Enzosmile who didn't change the Object Overload show page there's another user named Sonicthehedgehog223 changed Object Overload show page except Elimination order and somebody writes saids Object Overload is a object show created by XanyLeaves. The show is the 2nd spin-off to the popular Battle for Dream Island.

7. Leaving on Object Overload Wiki

Today im leaving Object Overload Wiki for good because the pages are got changed but im still liking it and im moving somewhere else on Wiki.

So that's it guys this is what happened to Object Overload Wiki and also i won't be continuing on Object Overload Wiki anymore that's means im leaving for good.

So Bye Bye Guys!

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