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    November 17, 2014 by HarmonTower805

    What's your prediction for this show, let me know in the comments. As for me this is mine.

    31st - Lighter

    30th - Top Hat

    29th - Disc

    28th - Crayon

    27th - Tissue

    ______________ Predictions start here

    26th - Cherries

    25th - Dusty

    24th - Ping Pong Ball

    23rd - Boxing Glove

    22nd - Marble

    21st - Pearly

    20th - Television

    19th - Clock

    18th - Tiki

    17th - Picture

    Lighter Rejoins

    17th - Picture

    16th - Coney

    15th - Lighter

    14th - Toaster

    13th - Locky

    Tissue Rejoins

    13th - Masky

    12th - Toothy

    11th - Snow globe

    10th - Candy

    9th - Pop Corn

    8th - Melony

    7th - Globe

    6th - Tissue

    5th - Paper Airplane

    4th - Soccer Ball

    3rd - Boom Box

    2nd - Fly Swat

    1st - Kite

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